The Alexandra Eddy project provides high-quality and enjoyable teaching and coaching experiences for string players and other musicians of all levels and ages. These include private violin and viola lessons and ensemble coaching for players of all instruments, ages, and levels; artistry classes for adult players and serious high school students; and improvisation classes for children. See below for specific offerings.

Teaching young violinist Cami

Teaching young violinist Cami


Private violin and viola lessons for adults and children are customized for each person. Alexandra Eddy works with each student to create an individualized teaching program unique to that person, focusing upon specific interests, playing level, and musical goals. Study of the instrument can be supplemented with instruction in composition, music theory or music history, presented in a delightful and accessible manner. Piano accompaniment is included, and performance opportunities can be arranged, should the student like to play for an audience. No one will be forced to perform, however, and lessons are always filled with enthusiasm and laughter!

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Photo at top of page by Alexandra Eddy. Those left to right by Marjorie Eddy, Jim Roecker, Joseph Oxandale

Coaching violin duo, Phyllis and Barbara

Coaching violin duo, Phyllis and Barbara


One of the great joys of being a musician is to play or sing music with others. The benefits are enormous because small ensemble playing is a special skill. It develops musical ability in general and the command of one's instrument or voice in particular—no matter the level. More important, it is a unique form of interaction with other people, requiring cooperation, sensitivity, and humor. It helps us to become more complete human beings.

The Alexandra Eddy Project offers friendly, supportive coaching for small ensembles of any age, any level of proficiency, and any combination of instruments or voices. Your ensemble may like a few coaching sessions as you prepare for a performance, or regular instruction as you explore the wonders of chamber music. Performance opportunities, should you wish for them, are always available, and Alexandra Eddy can help you find them. Your group's schedule will be cheerfully accommodated!

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Working with adult student Jim

Working with adult student Jim

artistry and improvisation

Artistry classes for adult musicians are offered on a regular basis, to help players and singers develop musical expressivity and gain confidence. For children, there is Improvisation class! Times will be tailored to each group’s schedule. To inquire and enroll, use the button below.


It is wonderful to have an empathic, expert listener tell me things about my playing that I didn’t notice, and show me ways to fix problems. Alexandra holds up a mirror so that I can see what is there, and what I can improve on. She’s coached me a lot on the little things that count – listening, intonation, bow control, vibrato. She is a very supportive, encouraging coach.

Kind, gentle, yet very effective teaching!

I think you are a great teacher. I particularly appreciate that you help me find what works for me rather than for you or some hypothetical ideal violinist. You have high standards, and, at the same time, are realistic about what to expect. Your suggestions are helpful and offered in a positive, encouraging way.

She is a wonderfully positive teacher. She is constructive in her critiques in a very nice way. She teaches at a very high level, though can explain techniques at the student's level. She raised my level of playing by at least 80%. I can play pieces now I never in my wildest dreams thought I would be able to play. Kudos to Alexandra.

My experience with Alexandra Eddy has been a great experience overall. I have been taking violin lessons from various teachers for over two decades and have found Dr. Alexandra Eddy to be extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of violin performance as well as music theory and history. Her teaching style is not intimidating, but professional and encouraging and I have been able to make many advances in the art because of her excellent instruction. I highly recommend looking into violin lessons with Dr. Eddy if you are interested in learning or continuing with the instrument!

I enjoy your explanations of the "whys" of styles or techniques, and where they come from. I love my scales and arpeggios when they are in tune, working well, and sound like pieces. It took me a long time to get to this point in my playing. Now when I play them they can act as therapy or meditations. And you are truly kind in your criticisms, which I really, really appreciate.

I have been a student of Dr. Eddy's for a long time. She teaches a wide variety of styles and has made me a more rounded player. I also play in a community orchestra and I understand what the conductor is asking for in different situations because Dr. Eddy has taught me about the different periods of music and the playing styles that go with them. Student recitals are very helpful as well as they present a whole different experience when playing in front of others.