The Alexandra Eddy Project is devoted to beauty of an old, high kind that can be found in music and words alike. If we take its expression joyously, it draws us to our highest and best selves, surrounding us with grace and comeliness and inviting us to be present with all others in a gentle, loving manner. We might learn an instrument and play it for our own joy or for that of others; we might desire simply to hear music played and sung; we might read about beautiful things.

In keeping with this ideal, the Project offers individual instruction in violin and viola for people of all ages and abilities; small ensemble coaching; house concerts for those who would like an uplifting, enjoyable afternoon or evening; private performances for those who are not able to get out much, whether in their private homes or in retirement or assisted living centers; and "Music and Words", a series of writings on music, the arts, and their connections to life.

Royal Opera enhanced 1.jpg

Ceiling of the Royal Opera House in the Chateau de Versailles, Paris. Photo by Alexandra Eddy, taken during an Opera Lafayette rehearsal break

Photo at top of page also by Alexandra Eddy