To offer the transcendent beauty of music, words, and the arts to all people, through high-quality instruction, fine performances, and inspiring writings.


To assist violinists and violists of all ages and levels, including beginners, to develop their skills as musicians, with joy and humor. 

To assist small ensembles of any instruments or voices in the deeply satisfying art of making music together.

To offer fine performances for all, including house concerts at homes and retirement centers; church performances; and private concerts for those who cannot easily get out, whether they live at home or in assisted living centers.

To invite readers to discover music, works of art, and cultural treasures, and to ponder their connections to life through “Music and Words”, a series of posted brief writings with links for further study.


To work with others in a respectful, courteous manner and with integrity.

To bring joy and beauty into our troubled world.

To offer affordable instruction and performances.

Chateau de Versailles--King's apartments 7 - Crop 1.jpg

Chateau de Versailles, King's Apartments. Photo by Alexandra Eddy.